Lefkadia experts are trying to form a new tradition and culture of nutrition in Russia, as an integral part of new quality of life of modern man. Lefkadia winery was established in 2006 in the territory of Moldavanskoe village of Krymsk area in Krasnodar Krai.

This project is truly unique, it combines the incredible nature of Kuban, the inimitable terroir, innovative technologies and, first of all, outstanding professionals united and inspired by common ideas. Mikhail Nikolaev had the idea to create premium Russian wines in 2004 while visiting Krymsk region.

The ideal terroir and the appropriate microclimate of this area completely convinced him and the outstanding European wine-makers that it was the right choice to start vineyard in that zone.

And so the history of Lefkadia began. Today the high level of Lefkadia wines is acknowledged by Russian and foreign experts and critics. This fact has been proved by numerous medals won. The success of the project strictly depends not only on the hard work of the high-class specialists but, of course, on the unique microclimate of the valley as well.

Its shelf positioned in a peculiar way with a great variety of soils opens endless possibilities for experiments and helps our enologists bring to life their ambitious ideas. Lefkadia valley has its own cheese dairy where milk is supplied by local farmers, project members.

Fresh vegetables and dairy products are produced at eco-friendly soils using only natural fertilizers. The unique terroir of Lefkadia valley helps to create not only quality wines and healthy bioproducts but also to give natural health.

Soon a Balneological centre will be opened here. This is not just another resort but a place with the new quality of life where you can relax surrounded by nature, eat proper food, drink delicious wine and take up a treatment if you like.


Mikhail Ivanovich Nikolaev, Lefkadia valley founder, is a successful Moscow-based financial expert and an enthusiast of the new Russian wine-making. Currently he is the mastermind of the Lefkadia project. He executes the strategic management of the project together with a star team of enologists and agriscientists.

The family business is carried on by Mikhail Mikhailovich Nikolaev, the Managing Partner of Nikolaev and Sons family enterprise. Like his father he has always been interested in wine-making and even worked as a sommelier in New York. In January 2013 he became the head marketing expert in Lefkadia, moreover he studied at Napa valley where he met famous winemakers and learnt all aspects and nuances of wine producing.

One of the most outstanding members of Lefkadia team is Patrick Leon, a French consulting enologist. This legendary winemaker is among the ten most experienced and respected winemakers in the world. He is not just a winemaker but a maestro who brings wine-making to the level of high art. Patrick Leon’s name is not printed on labels but without his help lots of wines considered to be the most prestigious and expensive would not get that famous. This A-list consulting enologist who has worked with such legendary winemakers of the 20th century as Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Alexis Lishin and Robert Mondavi, now provides consulting services to wineries in more than ten countries. He joint Lefkadia project after having visited the territory of the future winery and appraised the local terroir.

In 2007 the first parts of the valley were ready for vine planting and in 2008 Gilles Rey, a French agriscientist, joined the team. This outstanding French winegrower and wine-maker worked together with Patrick Leon at the Mouton Rothschild wineries in Bordeaux. He has covered the position of Technical Manager for 15 years. And after that founded his own agency providing consulting to wine estates in Chile, the USA, Palestine and now in Russia as well.

And this is just a small part of our team: wines of the Lefkadia Valley are created by people who are in love with the project and in their profession.

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