Lefkadia Valley Wines – a focus on territory, techniques and winemakers

After obtaining the Protected Designation of Origin status in 2018, Lefkadia Valley can now finally come into its own as a territorial brand. It is therefore important to highlight the key characteristics of this territory and its terroir.


We have identified over time, through viticultural successes and failures as well as expert opinion, that several verities and styles are generally characteristic for the Lefkadia Valley PDO. These are a result of a terroir with:

  • Three distinct soil types:

    limestone with a prevalence of sand, marl soils, and limestone with a prevalence of clay.

  • A strong temperature gradient between the seasons

  • A high risk of winter frost

  • A tendency for warmer, drier summers

  • A humid and windy climate all year round

The frost risk has meant that over time grape varieties with a shorter vegetation period and a higher frost resistance have fared better.

Very warm, dry summers have meant that over time verities accustomed to hot summers and a scorching sun have produced more balanced wines with a lower alcohol content.

The prevalence of strong winds has lowered the risk of infection despite a generally humid climate and clay soils. This has recently permitted a near complete switch to organic farming methods.

With these characteristics in mind, the verities best adapted to the Lefkadia Valley PDO are now believed to be: Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Merlot, Saperavi, Chardonnay, Rkatsateli and Riesling. For the years less affected by winter frost, additionally we have seen as very successful the Rhone Valley varieties of Marsanne, Viognier and Syrah. Other verities such as Malbec, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon blanc, Roussane, Mtsvane and Alexandoruli are yet under scrutiny despite giving very good results certain vintages.

Lefkadia Valley’s location on the northern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains also brings into context the winemaking history of the land and its people. Although currently populated by descendants of Moldavians and in the past showing a strong German presence, this territory is certainly within the Caucasian and Black Sea winemaking basin. As such, wineries have existed here since ancient times working in methods most probably resembling Kahketian (mountain Georgian),Imeretian (Coastal Georgian) and Armenian winemaking traditions. That is why a revival of these techniques, as well as an adaptation of ancient methods, is essential for the development of Lefkadia Valley as a global brand.

Another defining feature of the current Lefkadia Valley PDO is its close relationship with French winemakers and consultants, who have helped define and shape the viticultural and winemaking techniques of this area. Mr Gilles Rey has been instrumental on helping to analyze the land and defining the verities

and clones planted. Mr Patrick Leon has equally had a defining influence in establishing winemaking methods and rating the quality and evolution of different varieties. It is therefore important to note that the experience gained from these notorious consultants is probably the most important feature of the philosophy and winemaking approach in Lefkadia Valley.

Download the map in PDF:

Likuria is our series of avantgarde red and white wines produced from Russian-grown grapes. Our Likuria, Likuria Reserve and single varietal wines made from grapes harvested on dedicated Single Vineyard plots have won many international awards.


Likuria sparkling wines are an excellent combination of affordability and quality. They are produced using the cuve close method exclusively from grapes harvested in Lefkadia Valley, a unique Caucasian terroir. The series includes a classical Brut and a refined and well-balanced demi-doux sparkling wine.


Lefkadia is a series of premium-quality wines produced from grapes harvested in Lefkadia Valley. Clay soils, strictly handpicked grapes, a winery with state-of-the-art equipment and gravity-flow technology, carefully handled ageing casks and our unreserved aspiration to produce wines that fully express the terroir’s unique aspects: these are the reason our wines are so radiant, recognisable and original. We’re proud to offer you a range of Lefkadia and Lefkadia Reserve red, white and rose wines. These are some of our signature products which we make from grapes harvested in the valley’s choicest terroirs.


Sauk-Dere Wine Estate has a tradition of winemaking that goes as far back as 1926. This is a perfect place to create distinct wines: it has a unique microclimate in its almost 3 kilometres of underground tunnels. Several years ago, this fabulous wine estate was totally refurbished and since then its redesigned wine collections have been praised for conveying the best aspects of this terroir, i.e., marl soils and cool breezes. Sauk-Dere is known for its expressive single varietal and assemblage wines which we make from grapes harvested in Lefkadia Valley foothill terroir.


In Greek, Temelion means ‘starting point’. Temelion is a premium-quality sparkling wine made from grapes that originate in Lefkadia Valley’s best vineyards. Blanc de Blanc, Brut and Brut Rose are made according to the classic Champenoise technology: once bottled, the wine undergoes a secondary fermentation during a three-year ageing process.

The Bachelor’s Collection

The Bachelor’s Collection
Probably, the best Lefkadia Valley products are those included in our Bachelor’s Collection, a series of premium, aged monovarietal wines. These wines are made from carefully selected plots and only the best vintages are used. The bottle label design features an image of the creator’s shadow reflected in the very item that represents the creator’s feelings evoked by the wine’s presence.


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